Saturday, June 14, 2014

Musical journey (47)

I have described in many previous posts the passion I have for performing and so it is not surprising that I will grab every opportunity to perform in front of audience. However I feel that there is a difference between this kind of ad hoc performances and those people do in order to earn a living. I might be perceived as negative here but I think making one's passion a livelihood somehow tarnishes that brilliant energy just a little bit. I am sure there are many examples out there that prove me wrong but this is just a personal opinion.

Opportunities to perform come in many forms and one of them is at work functions. When my current Australian company organised a talent contest, I was one of the first to sign up but alas there wasn't enough interest in the competition (how can an Asian person be less shy and inhibited than Aussies?!) and the event had to be cancelled. There were many more chances to sing for colleagues back when I was in Singapore which also included the associated task of writing team-building songs (that sometimes make me cringe a wee bit).

In this month's musical journey, you will get to listen to a song written for a company that is not so cringe-worthy. In fact I quite like the words myself (other than the word "safety" which I was forced to include) as they are really positive (I had to shove my usual negativity aside and invoke my imagination to write it). The clever (and lazy) thing about this composition is that I used the tune of one of my favourite Chinese pieces to write new words for the corporate event. Needless to say I enjoyed every second of performing it in front of my work mates (and bosses!).

So here's my musical sharing for June (2014 has sure flown by fast).

[More Than Meets the Eye]

The odds are small
The walls so tall
When challenged we show no signs of fear at all
But when we stand alone we will fall
So when we heed the call
We stand together through it all

The stakes are high
We race against time
There are no answers too hard for us to find
'Cos we have the skills for us to fight
Talents we cannot hide
'Cos we're more than meets the eye

We raise the bar high
So we can strive to be the best
And with pride we do it right
With safety in mind

Through good and bad times
We will find that we will build ties that bind
So hand in hand
Let us soar above the sky

With our goals in sight we're aligned
With each and every one we will strike
Nothing's too high for us to climb
We'll stand united at the start line
Now it's time for us to shine

The world will see why
We are more than meets the eye

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