Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Musical journey (52)

Sigh. Looks like my short four-week break from a workplace infested with lazy-arsed expats has ended but before I leave tomorrow, I think a musical post is in the order. In fact this is the second part of the clip posted previously, when I just received news that I have been given the Papua New Guinea stint. Actually I really shouldn't be complaining about work as most of my Melbourne colleagues are going to be retrenched in 3 days' time. Also it is becoming increasingly rare to get a job that gives you the time and opportunity to travel so frequently (I have just returned from a week-long Bangkok trip where I did two very different but very fulfilling photo shoots). So I shall not whinge about my job... for now.

This month's musical post features a live clip of me singing along Melbourne's busy Bourke Street while waiting for a friend to arrive for dinner or what I call a preview to how Kim the busker would look and sound like if he were to do that for real. I have not seen the girl playing the guitar (the actual busker I "hijacked") since that night, if not I will record a few more songs and post them here. The joy of singing in front of an audience and experiencing their immediate positive response is something that cannot be described by mere words. However that is a feeling that will most certainly get diluted if I were to perform routinely or as a living and so to a large extent I want to reserve performing as a special occasion, much like doing photo shoots. This will ensure that when I appear in front of people or the camera, I am fresh, energised and in the best position and light to impress the pants off my audience. In this clip, I especially like the end when someone shouted out "one more song" in Mandarin—too bad my friend arrived soon after and I couldn't do that "one more song".

So enjoy my rendition of my idol Faye Wong's "紅豆" and I will see all of you back in the remote Southern Highlands province of Papua New Guinea (*major groan*).

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