Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A traveller’s tale (part 1)

At the beginning of Meilian’s trip to Australia, she gave me a pleasant surprise–the friend of hers who was coming with her on the trip was actually Yingying! She kept that a secret all those months and it was so worth it! We had a big hug in their hotel room–I do miss them very much! And then begins their adventure with me being the host in Sydney. After a week, we all toured Melbourne together and were joined by another surprise guest–Yingying’s boyfriend, BK. We had such a fun time together and the pictures below tell exactly of that!

Our first meal together in a Korean BBQ place in Sydney–it was my treat.
Yingying can shockingly eat a lot for her size!

Ision hard at work cooking for our guests over a hot stove–so cute!

The feast that had the girls raving for a while.
It consisted of a Japanese seaweed appetizer, Chinese herbal vegetable soup, baked chicken wings in special marinade, stir-fried pork in Korean miso and black garlic bread. The chicken wings were my favourite.

In the rain while waiting for the fireworks display
at Darling Harbour to start, we started horsing around…

…And the result of that is retri for my bibi!
My favourite picture of the lot!

Finally the sight we braved the rain for
(after much complaining by Ision about his hunger).
We later went to had Chinese food in Chinatown (where else?)

The start of our Melbourne trip, and I finally found my own shop.
Beware of the nasty shopkeeper (and the equally-nasty critic)!

At Panny’s Chocolate Factory on Philip Island.
We did not pay for the overpriced admission to see the chocolate statues.

We spent quite some time at an amusement park called Amaze ‘N’ Things.
Anyone wants to eat my head? Erm...

I never usually care to take such pictures
but it seemed like the perfect occasion for it.

We went to the Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens
but only Yingying and BK went inside while Meilian and I sipped on our coffees while enjoying the cool weather at the outdoor cafe.

It was not the season to pick strawberries
but we still got to eat some
at the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm in Mornington.

Close-up of the juicy morsels.
This was but one of the MANY food close-ups we took throughout our trip
with Yingying taking the most.

A visit to the Koala Conservation Centre (that came with free rude ticketing staff). The koalas were all sleeping high up in the trees–what a rip off. But we chanced upon this huge koala–without my bibi on the road with me, I guess this bear will do.
We also went to the Penguin Parade and saw penguins swim to the shore as part of their nightly routine. What a way to earn money from people! No picture-taking was allowed (believe me, I tried but it was too dark) so there are none to show.

Watch out for more pictures in the next post!

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