Friday, July 22, 2011

The month away (part 4)

What makes my trips trip back home worth the time and money is always the people–my close friends and family. I have always asserted that one does not need many friends in life and indeed I do not have many friends. The cliché “it is the quality that counts” rings especially true in this regard–I have a handful of close friends and that is all I need. I would rather have an in-depth knowledge of all of them than having a bunch of hi-and-bye drinking buddies whom I do not care much about. If that makes me anti-social then I sure am.

In this post, I will share with you some (not all) of the people that mean a lot to me–they are the ones whom I will not fail to catch up with whenever I make the trip back home. If you are not in these pictures, it is only because I was not organised enough to take a picture with you.

Friends and Family

The effort (arduous as always!) to organise such a large outing was worth it to see my faithful group of friends from my days singing at Ark again. It was really the love for music and performing that brought us together but when the Ark stints ended, we still kept the friendship warm and fuzzy. I think we should get together for a reunion concert!

Either that's a bread roll or these two guys were really doing it for me...

I met up with another friend from Ark separately–it was difficult to ask a married-with-kids woman out for more reasons than one.

My dear friend with me at Universal Studios. We had such a fun-filled day! Love you girl!

My housemate for one and a half years when we were living in New Jersey back in 2003 - 2004. She is getting married later this year.

My ex-colleagues and their significant others. It was a shame I did not get to catch up with the rest–we used to have SO much fun together driving around in a small car–those were the days.

I finally got to meet my sister’s boyfriend. We originally planned to meet up in Bangkok but things did not work out timing-wise. My niece is all grown-up now–I still remember when she was a chubby baby! And isn’t my mum pretty?

Having a relaxed coffee and spending some quality time with my mum, which was something we did quite a lot when I was back. Now that we are living apart, we have grown so much closer (no more petty squabbling). I am glad that she is coping well with diabetes–my mum is an ultra-strong woman! This picture was a DIY-shot taken during our regretful day trip to Johore Bahru.

Ah. My trusty photographer whom I always have a date with whenever I go home. He is now in Hong Kong shooting more hot guys I bet. I can’t wait to see my new pictures from him!

My Vietnam travelling-buddy whom I knew way back in high school (more than 16 years ago now. Gosh!). We organised this last minute trip when catching up over tea one night. This picture was taken during our trip to Mekong Delta–I will be blogging about my entire Vietnam trip very soon.

This is an anatomically-correct replica so he (not my friend of course) is indeed not very tall. This was taken at Madame Tussauds in Bangkok.

The love of my dear friend’s life. She formally changed her relationship status on Facebook this week so the hots she has for this guy must be huge. I am so happy for both of them that I know this will not be the last you’ll hear from me waxing lyrical over how this match was made in heaven.

The friends who sent me off at the airport. I had another two buddies (a couple) who were there too but pity I didn’t take a picture with them (why oh why). It was so nice catching up with those lovebirds too.

So it is another one or two years before I see all of you again, my friends and family. Take care of yourselves and each other in the meantime and we shall make a date soon.

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