Saturday, March 31, 2012

A-Men (a closer look)

The launch of A-Men (browse the magazine here) in this year's Mardi Gras in Sydney was wildly-successful. The only regrettable thing is that I couldn't attend the event and be a part of the A-Men float. The consolation out of all this is the physical copy of the magazine now in my hands as well as the chance to share with you guys the small part I played for this ginormous community effort. Curse my new job, which not only prevented me from being part of gay Asian history in Australia, it also gave me no time to write full-length posts on my blog. But I know videos and pictures speak a thousand words and many actually prefer less wordy posts so you are in luck. Here is a closer look at the pictures featuring yours truly.


In addition to these juicy pictures, here is a video coverage of the launch by the gay online channel Inside Out, followed by a short documentary on it created by Kameo Media.

Beside the group shots, each model also had individual sessions with the photographer , Simon Le that afternoon at La Perouse beach. Simon has promised us that we will receive the touched-up shots from the solo sessions in 3 to 4 months. When I get them, you can rest assured that you will see them here!


Joey Tarzia said...

i was just looking at some of your old posts. i like your hair style in this shoot.

Kim said...

Thanks Joey.

I like to keep it short. The style in this shoot is the longest that I can maintain and yet not feel too burdened by it.

I am a low maintenance sort of guy when it comes to personal grooming.

It is great that you visit my blog every so often, even the older posts. You are a good fan and friend. Hope to meet up again with you one day.