Saturday, March 17, 2012

Musical journey (23)

Back in 2004 (am I old or what?), one of my then new friends I knew through a regular performing gig at The Ark Café (木) requested me to write a song about her. The advantage of being young and full of musical inspiration was that it took close to no time to produce that song, which I subsequently performed once for her onstage. My memory of her expression that night is a bit fuzzy now but I think she liked my rendition.

A few months ago, another friend of mine I met through The Ark Café reminded me of this song and this gave me new-found motivation to record it with a proper video. This time round, I have changed the tune totally as I wanted to dabble in a genre I have yet to explore–a bluesy sort of rock and roll. Again, you have to be kind to this song as it is my first attempt at this genre. Personally I think I could either have sung it better tempo-wise or modify the lyrics so that there are less characters (and thus a less rushed rhythm). I chose the former because I wanted to retain the original sentiment of the song.

So here is an eight-year-old song reproduced in a new genre for a dear old friend who recently got married (so she is not a small flower anymore. Haha). I hope she and all of my blog-readers will like this new version.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉

要比人出位   有什么好方法
要口才好    眼睛会说话
还是该小的小     该大的大

要比人出位   她最有办法
她只需要    一开口说话
锁起来的愁眉   全都开啦

五颜六色七彩中    这朵刚绽开的小花
用笑声把那   布满乌云的阴天晴朗化
虽然有的时候    笑话有一点傻
活力澎湃的脉搏   从不停下

五颜六色七彩中    这朵刚绽开的小花
只靠那歌声   把彩虹绘进世界这幅画
每支舞都跳尽    每首歌都唱罢
让青春的气息   沸腾再升华

她用成熟的声音  站在台上从不怕
虽然人小鬼大的她  年年都只有十八
她用强劲的舞步  毫无束缚的潇洒

[Peu de Fleur]

What are the ways a simple-looking girl can stand out from the crowd?
Being endowed with the gift of the gab?
Having eyes that talk?
Or having curves and bumps at the right places?

I have come to know a girl recently
She has the best ideas to outshine everyone else
All she needs to do is to start speaking
And she will turn all your frowns upside down

Amongst the myriad of colours
Lies this little flower that has just blossomed
Her laughter brightens up the gloomiest skies
Although at times the punch lines are a tad silly
Her pulsating vitality never ebbs

Amongst the myriad of colours
Lies this little flower that has just blossomed
Using solely her voice, she paints a rainbow onto the canvas of the world
Dancing every dance and singing every song till the end
She effervesces the vibrance of youth

She shows no signs of jitters onstage with her mature voice
Which belies her tender age of “always eighteen”
With moves so dynamic yet unrestrainedly smooth
Even time starts to stride with fresh vigour

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