Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting hot in the dunes (2)

The Brisbane assignment was on then off and now it is finally back on and for real. The Client is either very generous or very desperate as they have offered me with a very good deal to make sure that I go and help them complete the work. Paid serviced apartment, tax-free allowance for every day of interstate travel and three trips back to Melbourne. It is my first ever business trip and it was so exciting to see the air tickets in my inbox. Alas there is no computer and internet available in the serviced apartment and so I will be much more detached to social media during this period.

But my agenda today is to share the second part of the series at the Cronulla sand dunes and beach (first part here). So without further ado on the eve of my departure for this 2.5-month Brisbane work assignment, I present... me!

Now that I will be in perpetually-warm Brisbane, I really hope I get to do at least one shoot before I leave. This city needs to see me in all my glory!


Chris said...

Great set! Thanks for posting! I'll be in Melbourne in April but you'll probably be in Brisbane, where I won't be...

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. Hope you enjoy your stay in Melbourne.