Thursday, February 28, 2013

Musical journey (32)

Hello from sunny Brisbane!!!

Although things are a little slow-moving here, this small city does have its charm. Because of the warm weather, I can walk around topless all the time, even in the CBD. Plus I recently discovered this wonderful pool with an artificial beach right in the city (Southbank). I was not prepared for swimming then so I did not go for a dip but I am so going to do it the next time I am there. And there are SO many hot muscular guys here, much more than Melbourne and Sydney! They all wear so little in this temperature! Yummy!

Also the Botanical Gardens is such a good place for a jog and it is much better than the (small) one in Melbourne. However there is no internet in my Spring Hill service apartment (not that I can use it without a computer or laptop). Luckily I can go to a friend's pad in the city to use his. Although my place is near the office and not too far from the city, it is unfortunately on top of a hill and so it takes a bit of climbing every time I have to return home (be it from work, from a day out in the city or from my grocery-run at the nearest supermarket). On the one hand, it is good exercise but on the other, it causes much stickiness in this humid weather which I am still getting used to. That being said, the unit I am living in is big enough for me and it comes with all the essentials. Maybe it is too big, which accentuates the loneliness without my boo...

Well that is a brief update from me, a little more than a week into living in this new state and city. I will provide more updates (eg. new friends, work, social activities and so on) as the days go by. I will now go back to talking about my music.

Some of you might be aware that I was planning to busk in Melbourne right in the city centre. Alas my guitarist has found a new job in a woop-woop part of New Zealand which means that our plans are now down the drain (my going to Brisbane does not help a single bit too). However I am still determined to do that one day. Unlike being a pop star, you do not need to know the right people, have the right looks and be at the right age to busk. It is true performance art without all the fakery and hence there is no expiry date for such an ambition. So I will continue to look for the chance to showcase my musical talent and jump at the chance to do so whenever that opportunity surfaces.

And one of such opportunities came about during my trip back home last year when I crashed my friend's pub gig, something that has happened on many occasions. This time, I did a Jason Mraz cover. It is one of those songs that is written right from the heart with an emotional story and it really appeals to me. This song-writer is one of the most brilliant out there and if I can just be half as good as him, I would be very happy with myself.

This month's musical journey brought to you by me, "Love for a Child".

Boo... I will be back tomorrow night to hug and kiss you again. I miss you so much!

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