Sunday, June 30, 2013

Musical journey (36)

As a person who loves to sing, I really don't do enough KTV-style karaoke. I very much prefer open mic nights as I love an audience and want desperately to share my passion for performing with as many people as possible, which explains the existence of my blog and YouTube channel.

Recently I placed Gumtree and Craigslist ads (my second attempt) asking for busking buddies and I received two encouraging replies—one from a young classical pianist who also plays pop and is willing to be my instrumentalist and another who wants me to front a pop punk rock band (a la Jimmy Eat World), which I gladly accepted (I know this is so not my genre but I think I am versatile enough as a performer to switch—and who would pass off a chance to front a band?!).

Unfortunately I can only start busking when the pianist can afford the keyboard that he wants (around Christmas time when the sales come on). Also one of the guitarists and the keyboardist from the yet-to-be-established band decided to pull out. Sigh. The road of a performer is often fraught with obstacles and this again affirms my decision not to get into music full-time and give up my sort of "lucrative" chemical engineering profession. That does not mean that I will go soft on my endeavour to reduce the damage a job I have zero passion for can do to my well-being. So onwards I plod in my pursuit at becoming a legitimate singer and song-writer.

Back to the topic of karaoke, I mainly go there to sing to an impressionable audience (of less than five people most of the time) and also to try out new songs that I have learnt. Lately I discovered another reason—to record my singing and post it here and so this month's musical journey will feature the first of such videos. This is a cover of a song titled "醉赤壁" by a Singaporean singer called JJ 林俊傑. I hope you will enjoy this rendition (pardon the mid-song interruption when a friend entered the room).

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