Saturday, September 28, 2013

Musical journey (39)

Melancholy especially in relation to affairs of the heart has always been inextricably-linked to music since human beings have started composing and this applies to me with no exception. When I was going through the long distance phase of relationships, I always tried to document my emotions right after I bade farewell. I made it a point to start writing from scratch after checking in at the airport and finish the song (lyrics and tune) before I touch down. I found this formula very useful because when the feelings are at their rawest state, the music is at its truest.

The song in this month's musical journey was written back in 2007 on the plane that was flying me back from Sydney. It was raining when we made our way to the train station but stopped when I checked in and this became the starting point of the writing journey. It is like writing a diary except the words are more lyrical and the emotions are summed up nicely in a three to four minute package. People respond more strongly to music than words on paper and this is why I feel composing emotions into song is far better than just writing words in a diary. More than six years have passed since this song was written and I can still tap into what went through my heart and mind back then. You guys should try this the next time an emotional episode comes up!


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

湿答答的空气中   跑道累积的雨投映着 

空荡荡的脑海中   浮现着都是你的一举一动
我从没这么爱过   没你日子怎能挨过

爱   是你赐给我这一生中最想实现的梦
如今捧在手中   仿佛还在作梦
爱   是我献给你我一生至死不移的承诺
言语不能形容  我庆幸你栖息在我生命中

再也等不及   说出那句 “我愿意”
等到我们双鬓白去   我仍在含着泪衷心感谢你


Dankness fills the air
The rain puddles on the runway reflect the image of
You and I hand in hand walking in the rain
That fell not too long ago

Emptiness fills my head
Where scenes of your every move surface
Etching the heart that aches for you

I have never loved this way
How can I soldier through the days without you

Love is what you use
To fulfill the dream that I want realised the most
With it now in my hands
It still feels like a dream

Love is what I offer
As a steadfast promise till the day I die
Words cannot describe
How fortunate I am with you living in my life

I cannot wait any longer to say "I do"
When both our hair turns to snow
I know I will still have tears in my eyes
Thanking you from the bottom of my heart

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