Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nudity prevails

It has been ages since I posted my photo shoot pictures and this month you are in luck once again. As I was digging through my archives, I realised I had a long-forgotten series done back in 2010 at Obelisk Beach when I was still living in Sydney. This is the only solo shoot I have ever done at a location where nudity is not only allowed but celebrated. Other than the feeling of total liberation, the attention I got from the other nudists was an exhilaration that cannot really be replicated by anything else.

This series is small but it still manages to neatly provide a snapshot of my life back in Sydney where everything was new and exciting, when I still had the drive to do the many things that I wouldn't do now. That was a good and fun time and I have the photos to show for it.

Nudity prevailed and still does.




Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you have a facebook acc?

Kim said...

I used to have a Facebook fan page but it got banned as many people complained about the nude (non full-frontal) pictures I posted. It is mind-boggling when I start wondering why they joined the group in the first place.

After the site was brought down, I found it too hard to set one up again without running the risk of it being removed from Facebook. So I gave up on that endeavour in the end.

I do have a personal Facebook account but that is meant more for actual friends and family only.

Thanks for dropping my blog. I hope you like my pictures and the music.