Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Musical journey (50)

Well it took two days for me to adjust from PNG to Melbourne but I suspect it will take a longer time to get back up to speed the other way round (especially after such a relaxing day trip yesterday with my boo to the Peninsular Hot Springs in Mornington). The real test will come when I have to resume rotation work after a 4-week break. Some say the first few days back at work after such a long rest would be extremely unproductive while others purport that depression could possibly set in. There is only one way to find out and I will report my findings when the time comes.

Before I leave for PNG tomorrow, let me share with my rendition of a very well-written song and one that I really like. As human beings, we are susceptible to making the same mistakes in love over and over again as if it's written in our genes to err without learning from our mistakes. Perhaps only through Darwinism can the human race escape this ill fate and finally rid itself of the pain and suffering from lost love. There is this I-am-alone-yet-not-melancholic vibe to the video that goes so well with the lyrics of the song as well as its arrangement. With such a soothing and inwardly-reflective melody, this song is a breath of fresh air compared to the many others filled with ever-rising registers and unnecessary vocal pyrotechnics.

A very talented Singaporean song-writer Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) wrote and sang this song titled "达尔文" or "Darwin" and now it is my turn to cover it.

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