Sunday, April 26, 2015

Musical journey (57)

My previous post was titled "Alone in a Hotel Room" and continuing with the theme of hotel room, this month's musical sharing is a song set in a hotel room.

Picture this—a woman retouching her make up as her man gets dressed next to the door. It was passionate love-making a few minutes before but it went by so quickly. Feeling used, the woman laments that it was love that started her affair with a married man. The only time these two could meet was when the wife's working late and the only place they could share a brief time together is in you've guess it, a small dark and musty hotel room. The poor woman knows it is wrong and that the relationship has no future but what can she do in the face of what she misconstrue as genuine affection? But who is to be blamed more? The woman who chooses repeated heartbreaks or the man who has used and abused two people at the same time?

And as if things are not bad enough, it starts to rain...


词 / 曲 : 锦泉



连 "我爱你" 我也能不说




Behind the passion, your silence settling in a corner
Your ring finger seemed extraordinarily lonesome tonight
The echoing desolation creeping into my ears
The shame I have shed from my face I now put back on

I am asked why have I sunk so low
And why do I degrade myself like this
As they keep asking me to repent, forget the past and start anew
But I have been possessed and poisoned by his promise
And now I have no more strength to distinguish right from wrong
Please just let me continue getting into trouble

If this is all my wrongdoing, I am willing to overlook the consequences
If you want me to keep this secret, I will seal my lips
And not even say "I love you" despite how much I want to

Living through the torture of being kept
As I drag my withering body along, frantically searching in the dark
But I still can see the guilt as it has nowhere to hide

I embrace my fragile weakness
As I sin in the name of love

PS: I shall write another song in which the lead is male and he is the one having the affair with another married man. It will be fun.

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