Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alone in a hotel room

It has been a long while since I have posted photo shoot pictures and it is now time to make such a post especially when the pictures are piling up in my hard disc as I am still doing more shoots. This series took place in a Melbourne city hotel room which is quite a usual setting for photo shoots since full privacy is guaranteed there and hence nudity is not an issue. You may feel that it is sleazy having a model and his photographer locked in a hotel room. In my opinion if there is anything that is going to happen, it will happen regardless of the location. Of the many shoots that I have done, actual physical contact between the photographer and myself took place in less than 10% of them. Usually the contact comes in the form of fluffing and nothing further. The thing about photo shoots is that there needs to be some sexual chemistry in the air in order to have good pictures. This sexual energy builds up over the duration of the shoot and I always find it a little unbearable at the end if I don't relieve that tension. Of course this doesn't happen in every shoot as most of the time I simply get too tired and hungry to feel horny.

For this particular shoot, the photographer did not touch me but I still managed to release that sexual energy nonetheless–go figure how. Suffice to say those pictures during the "climax" did not form part of the portfolios of both the model and the photographer. I didn't ask for a copy of those shots as they didn't look very good from the proofs the photographer sent me. By the way some of the pictures below were taken using an iPhone–see if can spot which ones. I also personally edited the entire series. One more thing to note is that my muscles weren't very defined in this shoot as I did not condition my body beforehand so if you are searching for pictures of a muscle god, this series is not for you. But if you are wondering what I do when I am alone in a hotel room, you're in luck.

Lastly I just want to let you know that the uncensored versions are all featured in my photo book.

OK, my babbling is now done. You may proceed to feast on these twelve delectable morsels.

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