Saturday, April 9, 2016

Musical journey (69)

Jay Chou is one of the most talented celebrities in Asia who not only sing, compose and produce albums but he has also acted (both in Asia and in Hollywood) and directed. He has also dabbled in hosting variety shows, performing magic and is running a string of businesses. He caught my attention back when he was still not that famous after he released his first album. In it, he introduced a totally new genre of music in the saturated Chinese music industry and was such a breath of fresh air that I knew he was someone whose music I will follow for the rest of his career. Sure enough, I have all his previous albums (13 to date) and I never fail to sing his songs during karaoke sessions. He has also inspired a number of my own compositions and continues to do so. Although Jay does not have strong vocals (unless it is rap), his other talents more than compensate for that.

This month's musical journey is a cover of one of my favourite songs of his from his first album. I have also taken part in a singing competition with this song (alas I did not win anything). This song is a challenging one especially if sung in the original key. Jay writes the tune to all his songs but occasionally he pens the words too and this is one such example. I hope this video does not get taken down due to copyright infringement like some of my other clips. I also hope you will enjoy my rendition of this very nice piece titled "黑色幽默" or "Black Humour".

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