Saturday, May 21, 2016

Work it! (part 6)

Hello from civilisation (i.e. not-Papua New Guinea) once again! I hope you’ve enjoyed my workout series so far but I guess all good things must come to an end and here’s my last post in this series (previous posts can be found here: 1 2 3 4 5 6). In this entry I’ll write about some of my more interesting gym encounters.

I sometimes get compliments from people in the gym and they are mostly for my legs as they’re quite muscular and I do wear very short shorts (and no underwear so I’m always on the verge of flashing myself in the gym!). That in itself is not that interesting but I’ve noticed that Melbournians are much more reserved than Sydney-siders when it comes to dishing out compliments. I think the much higher proportion of gay people in the Sydney gyms I used to frequent (Kings Cross and Oxford Street) might be the most likely reason. We all know that the gym is sometimes referred to as the gay church when in fact we’re all much more religious than most church-goers as we hit the gym more than once a week. It’s literally survival-of-the-fittest in the gay scene so we’re constantly pushing ourselves to worship the various gym equipment (and eye candies in the steam room *wink wink*). 

Talking about cruising in the gym, I remember one outrageous time in Singapore when a gym marketer tried to sell me a membership. She asked a series of questions to confirm that I was gay and then get this, she actually said that the showers at that branch were extremely cruisy and that much action took place there! How desperate must she have been to use that as a selling point! Well it’s actually not that surprising given that it was California Fitness, notorious for its hard-sell tactics and crazy promotions to lure people in. In comparison Fitness First is more of a luxury brand in Singapore and free towels and workout clothing are provided (if only the Australian branches offered those too).

One of the strangest things I have not seen yet in a gym toilet is a person taking a selfie. With so many gym selfies online, you’d think that it’d be easy to bump into a selfie-taking person in my 15 years of gymming. I for one do that a lot and am completely unashamed of it especially when the urge to be naked is coupled with being all sexy and horny after a great workout. Oh and I don’t understand why people don’t go completely naked in the steam room. I guess not everyone is as exhibitionistic as me. I wish there was a topless or even nude gym in Melbourne–I would be the first to sign up! I’ve also met celebrities in the Melbourne gym before. In fact I bumped into two within a single visit once - Josh Thomas and a topless Kris Smith in the changing room wearing just a towel around his waist (MAJOR yum!).

I’m glad that I’ve now left Papua New Guinea for good as this means that I finally don’t have to work out in a rundown gym full of cobwebs around machines in a building that does not have air-conditioning which can become a sauna if you exercise after work. However the impending relocation to our new place would mean that I’ll need to explore new gyms as there isn’t a Fitness First nearby. Right now the contenders are Vision, Jetts, Anytime Fitness and Hawthorne Aquatic and Leisure Centre. I’m planning to try all of them out for free before signing up (the Aquatic Centre is just opposite the apartment so I’m leaning towards that currently).

In this series I’ve provided you with some insight into a very important part of my life and hopefully have also given you some motivation to start your fitness journey if you’re looking for some. To conclude, here’s another delicious clip of me flexing. I’ll be heading to Singapore in a few days and I can tell you that’s going to be a break from the freaking Papua New Guinea mess that I urgently need. See you all very soon!

Flexing #2:


Chris said...

I have never heard of a gym that used cruising in the gym as a selling point. The gay gym I used to belong to here threw out anyone who was caught having sex in the gym. They wanted to be thought of as a serious bodybuilding and healthy gym.

I hope all goes well with your relocation and future job prospects.

Kim said...

I know right? That just shows how desperate they were at that time to sell me that membership. No more major news from the job front but my company did contact me as there might be some work out there and I will know more soon. As for the relocation, there's no definite date yet but it looks like the end of June. Hope all is well with you!