Monday, October 31, 2016

(Almost) 38 and counting

It's been a crazy few weeks at work with insane workloads during office hours both on- and off-site leading to full-blown working weekends. Fortunately I get paid for the vast amounts of overtime I've been doing and so I see this stress as a reasonable exchange for additional cash.

Now that my stint at the Altona Refinery is over (it was my last day there today), I'm off to work at another site next week in Laverton (a smelly chemical plant called Nufarm) which is thirty minutes further away and requires me to walk close to two kilometres one way daily. I've got to find someone to carpool with to make the otherwise three hour daily public transport commute bearable! From what I've heard so far, that site has very poor engineering systems in place and I'm supposed to "rescue" them from their ignorance. Well that's what people told me in an attempt to lure me to take up this gig.

From my perspective as long as I get paid I don't mind any shit jobs they give me. Luckily the city office still needs me two days per week till perhaps Christmas so I can still squeeze in two days of pre-work gym till then (I have to wake extremely early for days on site so there's no time for gym). All in all, things on the work front looks nice and busy and that's such a welcomed change.

My drowning in work lately explains why I haven't posted a substantial non-musical entry this month and so this is it, a short post but one that's used to announce to the world that I'm about to turn thirty-eight. Yes, I'm two years away from yet another "next phase". I had an adrenaline-packed almost-twelve hours of work today so my body is now crashing and I can't write much longer.

I look forward to a sleep-in tomorrow followed by a nice cooked lunch by my husband. I already know what he's preparing and it's one of my favourite Singaporean dishes (fried carrot cake). Then we'll have a quiet romantic dinner outside when I HOPE I'd be given my birthday present which is a particular item I very much need at this point that I've "instructed" him to provide me with. I think that message has sunk in so we shall see what happens tomorrow.

Happy 38th to me! And I've just used the last bit of my energy typing that.


Ision said...

Not sure what you want with a piece of coal but I got it for you :D

Kim said...

Coal is very valuable. YKN!!!

PS: Thank you for the birthday present boo! ARO!!!