Monday, May 6, 2013

The sixth year

It's the 6th year today!

The start of my relationship with Ision was a little messy as it was not only long-distance, I was also seeing someone else then (that was a doomed relationship and his name was Michael). Ision was always a very real possibility at the back of my mind and I was so ready to commit to him once I got final confirmation that Michael is no more. There was a side of Ision during that time that I rarely see nowadays. An emo side that I guess will inevitably diminish with maturity both in one's being and in one's relationships. Just to let you have an idea of how he was back then, here is a poem he wrote after I told him I couldn't be with him as I was still with Michael.

I see you there
So near so far
Watching you heals
So many old scars

I dream to bring you
From your world to mine
To link our hearts
As our fingers intertwine

I have to move
I have to change
I ask God now
For courage through pain

To see myself in the image of grace
To see you in my immediate space
To know and believe
To reach out and receive

A love that is gentle
Simple and pure
Arms that are strong
And forever sure

For this now
Forever I pray
But with prayer alone
A prayer it will stay…

I get a little tingle at the back of my spine every time I read that for the feelings within those words were so strong. It is good to remind myself now and again that our relationship was built on such powerful emotions that only come with love. Well, that confirmation that Michael was history came eventually and Ision and I then became an item. However the date on which that happened was questionable. After digging through SMSes and emails, we decided that the day should be 6th May 2007 and we have stuck by that.

Six years have passed since then and we are now only a year away from the "7th year itch". However I am confident that the itch wouldn't happen because of our open relationship status, which is something I strongly advocate for anyone who has the stomach for it. But that is only part of the equation and there is always the issue of the "emotional itch". Again I don't think that would surface based on how comfortable we are with each other right now. We are also quite lazy so we are very unlikely to go through the massive trouble of getting used to a new person and trying to embrace his flaws all over again. That being said, nobody knows what will happen in the future. As a practical engineer, I must concede to that. But for now, we are one and will always be for the forseeable future.

Booboo, although I am not physically next to you on this special day, my love will be, just like how I constantly feel your love all around me. Mushy as that sounds, it is the truth so I had to say that. Oh, and this too:

Happy 6th annniversary!

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Ision said...

Happy Anniversary boo! I love you :)