Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hello (again) Singapore!

In my last vacation post (gosh it's almost the end of the first quarter of the year already, how time flies), I will share some sights and sounds of my home country, where I stayed for close to a week before my holiday ended. I had a great time catching up with friends and was so glad I could be the first guest putting up at my bestie's place. However the best thing about the trip back to Singapore was the chance to be close to my mum again. Although it was a short time, we managed to do all the things that we usually did when I was still living with her. It was as if I had never left. I am completely unashamed of being called a mummy's boy because I am and I feel nothing other than extremely fortunate to have a parent who loves me that much.

"LC Food Centre"... I wonder how LC (low-class) it is.

Another signage WTF-moment (it's everywhere if you look closer). Yes, shop theft is a crime but is that even an achievable act?

I finally know what these hanging CDs are meant for. Are birds really scared of them?

Booboo's name on the billboard, well at least the sound of it.

My first-ever blackout in the middle of a meal. Never has that happened during my 30-year stay in the country and then this.

Here is a clip of the blackout experience.

$8.50 for a full-priced movie and $4 with my mum's senior concession. Can you imagine the profit lining the pockets of the people running cinemas in Australia where it costs $20 or so for a basic non-3D movie?

The overcrowding of the public transport system is getting worse indeed. At least the attendants at the station didn't have to shove people into trains like in Japan... yet.

I first saw these ginormous fans in Sydney's Paddy's Market and thought it was quite a cool idea (pardon the pun). Now it seems like they are everywhere in Singapore.

The speed at which Singapore changes never fails to amaze me. For instance this train line (albeit only partially complete) just popped into service when it was non-existent the last time I was back a little more than a year ago.

Do you know how much I paid for this jacket in Tokyo? 13900 yen! To think that it is selling at a third of the price in Singapore?!?! Luckily there wasn't my size so at least it was not all bad. H&M is still one of my favourite shops though (I fell in love with it when I first encountered one living in America).

Look at what one of my fans sent me. He urged me to write a song for Singapore's National Day and this picture was one of his motivational tools.

I find "gourmet kebabs" very oxymoronic. If you see what kebabs are like and what purpose they serve in Australia, you will agree with me too.

All my favourite food that I can't live without (which means my Australian life is not really considered "living" as these are either non-authentic or non-existent on this continent). Examples include Singapore-style yong tau foo (top left), mee rebus (top right) and Indian rojak (bottom right).

More dishes not available in Australia namely fried ngoh hiang/prawn crackers (top left), Singapore-style popiah (top right), and kway chap (bottom left).

My favourite food in the world in the making. I never fail to salivate at that picture.

Tutu kweh (top left) is one of the little snacks I really miss (again non-existent in Australia). We have pandan chiffon cake here but at three times the price shown in the picture. At least booboo is getting better at making one now so that's at least a consolation.

The fabulous meal prepared by my hosts for me, my mother and her parents-in-law. Oil-poached cod (my favourite fish), pumpkin soup with home-made bread.

This is the closest I have ever been to a canine. This cute little dog (Tofu—owned by my hosts) really grows on people.

My bestie's jazzy rendition of this otherwise unbearable Chinese New Year song. This is the most modern take on this piece I have ever heard.

Here is what ended my three-week holiday on a warm and happy note. I will be back again soon enough people, don't you fret! This picture concludes my vacation series (finally!).

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