Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Japan! (part 7 - other videos)

Things have been crazy at work recently and I had to put sorting through my vacation pictures and videos on the back-burner. Thankfully the videos are now all done and here are the rest of the clips taken when I was touring outside of Tokyo (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Hakone). My next trip will definitely be with my boo (having him around would be SO handy as he is completely-fluent in Japanese) and it will be other areas like the prefectures of Hokkaido and/or Kyushu/Okinawa. In the mean time, I have these video memories to remind myself of how much fun I had and that I should revisit this wonderful country soon.

Ever wondered how these ultra-thin bonito flakes are made? Well here is the machine that makes it at Kyoto's Nishiki Market. The pre-sliced chunks of blackened fish were the things that amazed me.

Another machine at the Nishiki Market. This time it makes and packages little red bean cakes. With such small shopfronts, it is pretty impressive for them to house such complex pieces of machinery.

A walk through the Nishiki Market. One of the best things about market visits are the free samples on offer (it is best to visit on a hungry stomach).

Nothing fancy here. The giant moving crab just caught my attention and I had to capture it on film.

The street scene at a busy Kyoto intersection. It felt so different from the crazy pace of Tokyo.

This is Kyoto's famous Pontocho, a long narrow alley of really nice restaurants and bars flanking the Kamo River. I highly recommend this to all visitors.

The largest wooden building in the world a.k.a. the Todai'ji Temple of Nara, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

I posted a picture of the deers of Nara Park previously but only with this video can you experience the real "problems" they bring. It is funny when it happens to other people.

Religious singing at Nara Park. I kept expecting a flash mob of some kind but it didn't come. Anyone knows the name of this religion?

The sulphur hot springs of Hakone. This guy working there must be totally used to the pungent fumes that he feels uneasy when he gets home where the smell of rotten eggs doesn't permeate the air.

The only onsen (hot spring) I went to during my trip. If you only have time for one, Hakone's Ten-Zan is the one you should go to. This is the open space shared between the onsen and the connected restaurant (where you can dine in bathrobes).

A 2.6 km stretch of shopping a.k.a. the Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street in Osaka. I only made it three-fifths of the way (shame on me).

A street performer caught in the act in Osaka.

Pachinko madness (what pokies is to Aussies but on a much crazier level). I only managed to stay in that space for the duration of the video and I had to get out. The cigarette smoke and noise was simply unbearable.

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