Saturday, March 29, 2014

Musical journey (44)

Ever since the demise of The Nude Singer as documented in this post, the thought of resuscitating this character that most wonderfully blend my two loves into a single concept has crossed my mind frequently. However with the constant uncertainty at work which throws into question the place I could truly settle down and call home as well as the creeping-in of old age (with the associated jadedness and lethargy), the pursuit of my true interests (namely music and naturism) is always pushed to the back seat.

This all began when we moved to Melbourne more than two years ago and the blame falls squarely on the dying chemical engineering industry in Australia. This is why the urgency to move to UK where there is plenty of work for me has never been stronger. On that relocation front, I have had in my opinion a very good interview with the London manager a few weeks ago and now I just have to sit back and wait for news (if any). Life has taught me not to ever expect anything to work in your favour and I have used this pessimistic outlook to successfully protect myself from anguish and disappointment time and again. All I need to know is that I have tried my best to secure a good interview as everything else is totally beyond my control.

We are also moving from one unit to another in the same complex today. Sounds easy enough? It is not, as we are doing it ourselves without engaging the help of professionals and the two units are a little distance apart in two separate buildings. Oh well, such is life, and is just another thing we have to do that's all.

This month's musical journey is a clip from my Sydney days where the dreams and passion of The Nude Singer are still alive and kicking. How can I cast the practical side of me into the wind and start to have that fervour and appetite for life once again I wonder... In the mean time, enjoy this 2011-rendition of one of my favourite songs—Josh Groban's "When You Say You Love Me".

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