Saturday, November 17, 2018

40 shoots at 40 (part 3)

Good news everyone (** cue screams from Futurama fans **)! With much angst stretched over too long a period, I've finally secured my next city-based role (6 months to begin with) that will require travelling to offshore platforms in Bass Strait once every two to three weeks and this role starts in a fortnight! Although I've signed no contracts (which bothers me a little), I've been verbally promised the position (the offer is also inferred via email communications to date). I'm still within the same company but this role opens doors into the division I want to move into, one that's more secure and has more horizontal career-growth potential. Riding on this successful wave, I've also put in concrete steps for my promotion and this time I'll do my utmost to drive this home as the company has shortchanged and dicked me around for FAR too long!

All this came with some drama though when I rejected the other role I was also offered (fly-in/fly-out to a remote South Australian mine with no additional pay!). I was blamed by the company for making it lose reputation when I turned the client down too late in the recruiting process but hey I need to take care of myself and not endanger my own career development by only rejecting once I know the other more preferred option has come through right? My company is notorious for not taking care of its employees so screw them! Also, I've never accepted that role in writing and they have never offered me anything in writing either so no one can actually fault me legally. Anyway, I've slept that drama off and I hope the company gives that a rest too. Theoretically I'm on annual leave for the next fortnight (yesterday was my last day) but I believe they might want me back part-time to finish off some remaining work I've yet to complete and that's all thanks to the "amazing" planning skills of these overpaid managers who deliver far too little!

Needless to say, nothing comes without cost and because I can't be allowed to take my 2-month long vacation (as mentioned in another post here) right after starting the upcoming role, I have to cancel my Singapore trip and forgo all the good food and plans for now. This means that the anticipation will now continue to build and when I do get to enjoy all that in the end, it'll be SO much better. I've also initiated discussions for the company to reimburse the air tickets that can't be changed to other dates. I'll make so much noise if they decided not to reimburse me (after signing the contract of course so that my new role will not be jeopardised in any way)!

OK, after that long but very important detour which is the best thing that has happened to me so far in this milestone birthday month, here's the third part (entire series is here: 1 2 3 4) of my "40 shoots at 40" series which also features some shoots not shared before on this blog. See you guys in a week for the concluding installment!

#21: Kranji Army Barracks, Singapore

#22: Dunlop-Slazenger Warehouse, Alexandria, New South Wales

#23: Grand Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria

#24: Balmain Studio, New South Wales (Shoot for "Shrouded" Exhibition)

#25: Abbotsford Studio, Victoria

#26: North Strathfield, New South Wales

#27: Nana, Bangkok, Thailand (Shoot for "Thailand Attitude" Magazine)

#28: Redfern Studio, New South Wales

#29: River Island Nature Retreat, Mittagong, New South Wales

#30: Paddington, New South Wales (Shoot for "DNA" Magazine)


Chris said...

Good news on the job, sorry about the holiday. I hope you can get away sooner rather than later.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris and once again sorry for the late reply. In December, I would have been in this role for 1 year. And I am SO looking forward for my long break using up my long service leave. Come what may I will take this holiday from 25 Dec 2019 - 8 Feb 2020!!!