Friday, May 31, 2019

Musical journey (105)

I've finally had my first visit to an offshore oil and gas platform in the Bass Strait this month to do some work. It was a really nice experience as people are friendly and it's all very casual when you're not in the processing plant (people were in slippers even when at work!). There was a lot of food and drinks provided (there was a fully-stocked salad bar and canned drinks available round the clock, all free) and so if people weren't careful, they could seriously get so fat. The steak I had for dinner was really tough though but I was super impressed with the kitchen still.

There was also a reasonable gym which I can get most of my routine done. It was too bad I failed to get up on time before work for cardio as phones were not allowed and with no alarm clock, I had to rely on my tablet which was not set up properly so it failed to ring. Worse still, no phone also meant no pictures to post here. It also felt weird that my bedroom was separated from the plant by just one door and this didn't make me feel very safe. The bedroom was small but I don't mind it especially when there's no room mate sharing it with me sleeping on the top bunk (unless he is hot of course)!

I was told the platform I went to is one of the newest and so is not a true representation of what it's really like offshore. As part of my job, I have a chance to visit all platforms so perhaps I'll get to one that's not so good and I'll know for certain. It can't seriously be worse than what I experienced in Papua New Guinea! All in all, the one-day-one-night visit was fun, especially when walking outside, you get to see the open sea and it was fabulous during sunset.

The only downside is the travelling time. It takes close to 6 hours to get there (4 hours from the city to the heliport, about an hour waiting and preparing for the helicopter ride, and 30 to 45 minute flight time). I also got bumped off my scheduled flight as engineers are given the lowest priority in terms of flight allocation. Fortunately travelling time is billable for contractors and so are all travelling expenses which is great as I always have to stay one night in a Sale hotel in order to catch the first morning flight. I should really go offshore more often not least because my boss had just asked me to go soon again. So it looks like I'm off to another platform in maybe a fortnight's time.

Other than my first trip offshore, nothing else more interesting happened since my last post and so let's now move on to this month's musical journey which is another episode of my topless KTV series (previous clips are here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8). This month's cover is A*Mei's 好胆你就来 (loosely translates to "Bold for Your Love"), one of my favourite Hokkien songs.

You have to pardon the wrong pronunciation and a few odd notes being out of tune as you can get carried away singing the songs you love. However that's not the worst thing in that clip. The biggest thing wrong is how undefined and flabby I look which is nothing like how I am right now. I can't wait to start a new series to show you how much leaner I am, all thanks to my recent much-stricter low-carb diet. Of course good genes help a great deal too. Now I only need to find even shorter shorts to show off more skin! Any ideas where I can find them? 😊

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