Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bangkok through Facebook (part 2)

Let us now continue with my Bangkok series that I have previously posted on Facebook. The next time I visit the Land of Smiles will be with a travelling partner as I found that interesting things I encountered were much less so without a physical person to share the experience with. Sure we all have a lot of virtual people on social media we can spread the fun to but nothing can ever beat face-to-face communication when it comes to these things. Well at least I got to share my joy and excitement on Facebook.

Taking the scenic route to Khao San Road via the Chao Phraya River.

I don't remember Khao San Road being so dead and boring. Perhaps it is too early (though it's a Sunday at noon) or this place has developed into a night spot since I last visited. Suffice to say I won't be coming back again in my next trip.

In 100 years, this photo will be worth something.

Mystery solved. It is corn puff. Still scary looking though. — at Food Island MBK, Bangkok.

Have you ever wondered why drag shows follow the same formula all over the world? Do they have a secret international agreement to behave the same way on stage that I don't know about?

If only this means what I want it to mean.

This is what I am doing this moment. Kinda different from my last shoot eh? — at S1 Hostel.

Before I wash my face off... This is a really tough shoot and I am glad it's over. Quite impressed with the shots myself. Now on to some proper relaxing at Babylon, which just happens to be a stone's throw away from the studio. Haha.

Lots of street food for yet another well-deserved supper after a tough shoot with very little to eat for the whole day. 3rd shoot so far is a no-go as a good location can't be found. Oh well, 2 ain't bad at all.

Perve alert! Managed to snap a set of what I think are very sexy legs. Just the right amount of hair and just the right calf-thickness.

The poshest cafe I have seen so far in Bangkok in this new mall that wasn't here when I last visited, a mall (Siam Sq-1) with the strangest layout. — at Dao Coffee.

Indulging in the two things not available in Australian Maccas. Pork burger and pineapple pie.

Mobile device charging station in McDonald's. Australia can learn so much from in her eyes the third world. — at Mcdonald's Siam Paragon.

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