Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bangkok through Facebook (part 3)

Here is the last part of my Facebook picture posts made during my Bangkok vacation in November last year. I thought the weather was going to be cool seeing that it was the end of the year but no it was not. I always get a heat rash whenever I visit Bangkok and this time was no different but this is not going to keep me away from this amazing city. A really colourful, friendly, at times crazy but totally vibrant and unique city—there's no other like it!

Breakfast of champions, necessary for a long day at Babylon. All for 100 baht (AUD$3.50).

The first day's routine now done, it's on to the second day's at the best gay sauna gym I've ever been to. Who says holidays are always easy? — at Babylon Sauna and Spa | สาธร ซ.1.

A well-deserved break after a 3-hour workout. For all you leg fans, this pic is for you. You know who you all are! — at Babylon Sauna and Spa | สาธร ซ.1.

Ah. How I wish this afternoon never ends. Now what shall I do for my last night in Bangkok? — at Babylon Sauna and Spa | สาธร ซ.1.

This is a place meant to be explored with a friend or partner, not alone. The vibe here is great but I am not feeling it by myself... 8( — at Asiatique River Front.

... so here's me wolfing down a late dinner meant for two. That excellent green curry (the ones found in Australia come nowhere close) managed to make me feel a little better. I was charged 3 baht for ice by the way, which gives an indication of how touristy this place is. — at Asiatique River Front.

Wow. I don't remember drug-taking paraphernalia was so brazenly sold in public the last time I came. If this is the current state of things above the surface, imagine the state under.

That intense attention I get by simply walking into this alley! If I were ever depleted in energy, I will just come here to charge up with just the electricity buzzing and streaming in the air towards me. I wonder if I could capture and store this with some sort of an attention capacitor... — at Silom Soi 4.

Finally found my shredder tank top! The arm holes as shown have been folded at the seam for a deeper cut so by right this one is still not ideal. But it's a good starting point!

10.30pm. This is early depending on whether you have exciting plans or you have been stood up by someone you were supposed to be out with. Alas it is the latter for me on my last night in Bangkok. Well at least there is mango sticky rice and reliable BBC to keep me company in this lonesome hotel room tonight. Goodnight Bangkok one last time for now. — at OmYim Lodge.

You know you've overstayed your welcome when a city's weather starts giving you heat rashes. It's the perfect natural weapon of a location against people it wants to get rid of. I've had fun Bangkok and I will definitely visit you again but not by myself. I'm now so not looking forward to an overnight flight in budget economy!


Chris said...

Great pics (especially the legs). I think that the humidity and the air pollution make it more likely that one's skin gets irritated.

I liked the old Babylon (with its humbleness) a lot more than the new, to be perfectly honest. But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Kim said...

Glad you like the legs (I didn't know you are a legs person).

I have never been to the old Babylon. Why do you think it is better than the current one?

Tomorrow is my last full day back home before another gruelling 28 days in PNG. Totally not looking forward to that!

Chris said...

I'm an everything person. Legs, face, ass, feet, pecs, etc. etc. and so on!

The old one was cramped but homely. It had a wonderful dark maze that the new one has not been able to copy. There was a nice roof deck. I liked it for its homeliness. It was really like a home away from home.

Kim said...

Did the old Babylon have a pool and gym as well? I was thinking of staying at the Babylon hotel the next time I visit Bangkok.

So you are an everything person eh? That's good to know because my "everywhere" is equally hot!