Monday, January 5, 2015

Bangkok through Facebook (part 1)

For the benefit of those not in my friends list, I am going to share with you the picture posts I made on Facebook from my Bangkok trip a couple of months ago. It's going to be a three-part series documenting a relaxing trip with two photo shoots worked into it. I used to travel to Bangkok a lot but did less of it when I thought it became unsafe. I heard that things were going to be cheaper to encourage tourism but I didn't find that to be the case. In fact other than the emergence of more Fitness First gyms, I found Bangkok totally unchanged since my last visit a few years ago. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable and stress-free week-long vacation. Here is part one of this series.

A very successful shoot today! So happy. The adrenaline of so many people watching was pushing me so much that the fact that I have not had anything to eat the whole day didn't matter a single bit! — at Soi Cowboy.

Anyone know what this is? Is it even edible?

A well-deserved dinner. You can't get more authentic pad see ew anywhere.

Rod Fai night market is truly a foodie heaven. And lots of cool vintage stuff and live performances. If you guys are unaware of this place, you should so check it out! — at Rod Fai Market Srinakarin.

Let the claustrophobic pandemonium begin! — at สวนจตุจักร l Chatuchak Market.

Right, nap over. It's time to hit the clubs. Finally wearing this having had no chance to put it on for years.

Oh no. Stuck in the notorious Bangkok traffic in a cab. Well I knew the risks and took the cab anyway. Too tired and still feeling under the (freakishly hot) weather to really care. Besides I have lots of time to burn here.

In the oft claustrophobic Bangkok, a shot like this is refreshing.

This 350 baht prawn is more than a foot long and freaking thick. Godzilla in the making. — at Food Island MBK, Bangkok.

Green curry shrimp fried rice with tom yum kung. This really is the first proper meal I have had so far 4 days into the trip. Need to keep my strength up if I want a fulfilling time later at Chakran. *wink wink*

So much food for only 140 baht (AUD$5). And this is already the trimmed down version! I kept asking them to give me less. Bangkok, you amaze me with the cheapness of your food.

As I rule over my subjects. Now bow before me. — at DJ. station.


Chris said...

Great picture set. Daring for such an open area. I haven't been to Bangkok for years (9 perhaps), sadly. Glad you had a brilliant time.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. Daring yes but not daring enough. If not for Thailand still being a very conservative country, I would have gone nude or at least exposed more. But the positive attention I got during the shoot still kept my adrenaline pumping. It was great!

Why haven't you gone back to Bangkok lately?

Chris said...

In2013 my big project was visiting Australia, New Zealand, and Bali along with Singapore. Other than that, I've had health complications with my feet that have limited my travelling. There are so many other places I would like to go that going to a place I'd already visited is secondary. I do like Bangkok though, and have friends there, so who knows?

Kim said...

Yeah, you never know!