Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jumping up and down!

Yes, jumping up and down's what I was doing just now when I got the call with the news and even up till now, my heart is still jumping up and down with the occasional laughing out loud to myself.


All my fears and worries have been allayed and I can FINALLY start to live my life as a normal person and NO MORE application for temporary jobs and checking online job sites every single night. (I have been doing that for Australian jobs for more than 1 year now ever since I started to apply for my PR!)

It has been a while since my heart got such a strong jolt of exhilaration and I believe everyone needs this kind of positive knock once in a while as a reminder that life is not only worth living but is worth fighting day and night for. It is the one moment where all of your hard work crystallizes into a climax of immeasurable ecstasy, giving you the boost to face even tougher challenges ahead of you.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who have been by my side even though you are all so far away, encouraging me and keeping my heart afloat all this time. You are certainly the best bunch around!

For those who would like to know, the role that I acquired has the title of "Process Engineer". In this role I will continue building on my Process Design experience from where I left off from my previous job. The company I will be seconded into is quite far away but there is a company shuttle that takes me there directly 12 train stations away from Kings Cross where I currently live. I was told the working hours are from 0730hrs to 1530hrs, which means I have to wake up at 0500hrs. Well at least I get to leave rather early.

For now I will commute via public train/company shuttle till a possible relocation to somewhere nearer to the refinery. I need to discuss this further with Ision, who is seriously contemplating a career change at this moment. I also have 2 other job applications that might or might not be successful but if they are, I would then have more choices. As you can see, things are pretty volatile right now but at least one GI-NORMOUS load has been lifted off my chest and things ahead of us can finally start to get clearer. Well done Kimmy! Well done indeed!

And my heart is still jumping up and down!!!


Anonymous said...

absolutely fabulous!

Kim said...

Thanks Gab!!!!

Ision said...

Good work babe,
I always said that you would be able to do it :)


Greg said...

Congrats Kim. Remember the golden words we used to talk about - In life, things are never as good as they sometimes seem but also never as bad as they somtimes seem. And life can change in a split second. Well done.

Unknown said...

congrats! byebye to restlessness...

Kim said...

Thanks baby, I love you too.

Yes, those golden words I do remember. And one more: "Life is not supposed to be fun!" You helped played a part in me getting the job, don't forget. After almost 8 years, you are still helping me in such huge ways Greg. I really want to thank you for that.

Restless? Now that I have a job, I will get even more restless! Finding a new apartment and decorating it will be a huge project in itself for starters!

Anonymous said...

恭喜恭喜!! Congratulations! Never doubt that your talents will be appreciated. :)

Kim said...

Thanks Bel! I have always doubted my engineering talent. But I guess it is time to change that and really work towards sharpening that talent now that I have a job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim

Tomorrow is Indignation's Opening Launch and there's no you to sing for us! I chance upon your facebook and followed up on what you been up to in AU. Congrats on your new job! Maybe we'll see each other again when my partner and I relocate to either Sydney or MElbourne. You take care and keep blogging.

p/s I am the dyke who stared you down when you said, 'oh i thought women should be submissive?' Haha, i hope you don't do that the aussie girls!

Kim said...

Haha, I remember who you are lah. My favourite dyke friend so far. So down-to-earth and friendly.

I am so excited to hear about your possible relocation to Oz with your partner. If it is to Sydney then I will have 2 more friends over here and I would so love that.

Now that I know many are reading my blog, I will try to update it more frequently but with the new job that I am starting in 1 - 2 weeks' time, it might be a challenge. But still I will try my best.

Have not talked to any Aussie girls since I have been here so no chance to ask if they are submissive. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

omg, tacky gif graphic...

Jean said...

awww so sweet. Ya do keep on writing, i admire your courage to go. It's not easy. Good luck you chaser of dreams. :))

Kim said...


Thanks woman! I really wish I could go to Indignation this year, I have written a Chinese song that I have written about gay activism and rights that will be just perfect for the event. But alas it will not see the light of day. At least not yet.

Looking forward one day to hear that you are coming over with your partner for real.

Kim said...

Aiyah Gab, just testing something mah. Moreover it is not a gif but {blink} {/blink} html coding.

Unknown said...

Why does Ision write on your blogs even though he's living with you? Beats the logic out of me...

( 0.o)

PS. This HTML function sucks...doesn't even allow text colour change

Kim said...

Can html more within the blog. The comments section is more restricted.

Aiyah. Blogosphere and real life can be 2 separate worlds although we talk about anything under the sun, it's not that weird that he replies to my blog what.

People who read this section, do you think it's weird that a person comments on his/her partner's blog?

LionT said...


Ision said...



Kim said...


Groyn88 said...

Yahoo! I'm so happy for you.
I was never in any doubt that it would happen.
Have a great life ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hey didi, dun say I no post comments (very singlish I know)at your blog ok? Congrats! Will tell mum about the good news! da jie

Kim said...

Da Jie,
I have told mum over our last webcam last Thursday so she knows.

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Thanks for believing in me. Added you on Facebook. Why did you choose that as your profile picture???