Thursday, July 31, 2008

The latest song

As you all know, I have been writing my own songs since I was 17 mainly as a means of documenting my life. It is like diary-writing but with an additional layer of emotion and colour that only comes with a song.

I have two dreams in my life and I am willing to give up one if the other comes true. These two dreams have been fuelling my existence for as long as I could remember. I have found my true love so I have decided to give up making it big in the music industry. At some points in my life, I would feel that finding true love is more difficult than becoming a star and vice versa at others. Now all that is finally over as I can put the other dream to rest (I’m still joining Australian Idol next year though).

However my song-writing should theoretically not stop since my life does not rest so I know I will continue writing songs. It is just that nothing really interesting is happening in my life right now and thus the empty diary. But let me share with you the last (Chinese) song that I have written.

Ever since I started long-distance relationships (not restricted to romantic ones), I have had the habit of writing a song whenever I take a flight either to meet or to leave a loved one as those were the times when emotions and inspiration run wild. The last flight I took was the one to Sydney and without fail, I popped out a song (I make it a point to always at least finish the lyrics by the end of the flight). There is no finalized tune to it yet (only a draft version) as I have been busy settling down. I know for sure by the time I finish the tune, I will no longer be able to reproduce the exact feeling at that moment so there very well might not be a tune for that song after all.

On the night of my departure as I went past the customs gate with the image of my family and friends starting to get smaller and smaller behind me, I was overwhelmed by a deluge of emotions. I continued to push on despite these hurdles in my heart clouding my sense of direction…


眼眶热了, 红了, 湿了


一页页的回忆, 翻阅我脑海里
一年年的成长, 有你的呵护维系
没你的日子里, 我会照顾我自己
没我的日子里, 请不要垂头丧气

一页页的回忆, 翻阅我脑海里
一年年的成长, 有你的呵护维系
虽然是不忍心, 但却是不得已
我真要让你知道, 我真的很爱你

Loosely translated as...

[No Choice]

My eyes are getting warm, getting red and getting wet
I cannot believe tears actually fell
Where is the embrace I just held in my arms?
My heart is where I preserve your love

My legs are getting heavier as I walk
But I continue to look forward
This is the choice that I have made by myself
I just cannot believe my wish actually came true

Pages after pages of memories flipping in my head
Year after year growing up in your tender care
I will take good care of myself when you are not with me
Please do not feel dejected when I am not with you

Pages after pages of memories flipping in my head
Year after year growing up in your tender care
Although I cannot bear to do this, I have no other choice
I really want you to know that I love you very much


Kim said...

Why haven't this post gotten any comments? It contains a montage of all my friends and family! Is it because the post above this about me getting a job has stolen this post's deserved attention? Aiyah!

Daniel said...

NOTED. - 1 Aug 2008

"And I do it PRRRRRRRRR waaaaay...." XD

Kim said...

Haha. Write Here Right Now.

At least something lah. Exxon has taught me well in the department of being contented.